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Cocoa powder Netherlands DeZaan 1kg, Ljubljana

Цена: 6 €/kg
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Контактное лицо: Anna, Denis
+386(40) 628362
Адрес: Ljubljana, Zemljemerska str. 12,1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU). Slovenia (EU)
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Company Crok d.o.o. offer alkalized cocoa powder of high quality. Origin:Netherlands. The fat content is 20-22%, the product is packed in a handy 1 kg bags. Price without VAT, delivery from the warehouse in Ljubljana.

Cocoa is perfectly soluble in water and can be used in the manufacture of confectionery chocolate toppings, various fillers for bakery or ice cream as a raw material, and various drinks. The packaging consist of 3-craft paper safety bag and have a good looking.

Keep cool and dry. 2 years expiry date.

The min. quantity 1 box. 20kg

ADM Cocoa's deZaan™ brand of premium cocoa powders has been recognized for decades as an industry standard of excellence.From natural and alkalized powders to reduced and higher fat contents—the deZaan range possesses an unequalled array of unique colors and distinctive cocoa flavors.Cocoa powders are used in cereals, snacks, beverages, dairy products, ice cream and frozen desserts, baked goods, confectionery;and compound coatings, as well as in instant products and other dry mixes and premixes.

Recipe preparation of cocoa, it would seem, is nothing special. Dissolve cocoa powder in boiling water, and drink to health. However, in order to get a tasty cocoa and give positive emotions for the whole day to cook it better than water and milk.

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