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Контактное лицо: Igor
+386(59) 030483, +386(40) 628362
Адрес: Ljubljana, Zemljemerska str. 12,1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU). Slovenia (EU)
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Cocoa Mass is 100% pure cocoa, made from roasted beans, and ground into a smooth and homogeneous liquor. This unsweetened soul of chocolate is great for tuning and intensifying the flavour of your chocolates. It can be easily mixed with chocolate to achieve a more intense taste and colour or to create your signature chocolate recipe.
Cocoa mass also makes for a great ingredient for flavouring ice cream, ganaches, pralines or other ingredient bases to achieve a deeper, darker colour and more intense cocoa taste.
Cocoa mass is made from 100% whole roasted cocoa beans – meticulously ground in different stages to obtain the highest level of fineness. At the base lies a cocoa bean blend of mainly West African cocoa beans for a solid cocoa body, topped off with beans from Asia and Latin America to create the top notes and finer flavours.

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